Olive & cheese stuffed herb bread

Olive and cheese stuffed herb bread
A successful experiment – a different bread to go with pea soup on a cold and rainy day.

I wanted to make another kind of bread to go with the soup. Not pot, flat or any other kind of bread. So with a little bit of inspiration from my namesake son, I made this very easy, stuffed bread.

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Homemade falafel is an easy, healthy and cheap vegan dish. You just have to start yesterday.

I prefer falafel with tzatziki, but that makes a terrible pic, so here is a brighter version.

Making Falafel is counterintuitive, because you don’t cook these hard little bean things. You soak it in cold water for 24 hours, then blitz in the food processor with loads of herbs, spices, garlic and onion. Then you deep or shallow fry these until they look like tough meatballs, but green on the inside.

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Focaccia with chickpeas

Focaccia with chickpeas. If you make something without knowing it has been done before, is it original?

Here is my recipe for a quick flatbread. I put leftover chickpeas on a focaccia bread, because I believe in using up things in the fridge. It was delicious. When I say focaccia, I refer to a generic flatbread with dimples and olive oil. I know there are many recipes for this and I am constantly experimenting.

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Chunky tomato relish

Tomato relish make with fresh cherry tomatoes.
Chunky tomato relish. When you start with this, you cannot go wrong.

Here is a quick chunky tomato relish. I always use ripe fresh tomatoes to make relish, whole peeled or, in this case, halved cherry. You get a sharpness that just is not in tinned tomatoes, and in this version, you can create layers of texture and taste. I am still a fan of good tinned tomatoes though for something like pizza sauce or bolognaise, because ripe on demand is important.

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Beetroot couscous salad

Beetroot and couscous salad, using up leftovers
Beetroot couscous salad, made with one leftover ingredient: leftover beetroot salad

Leftover food – two equally valid paths

I love a cube of leftover lasagna from the day before. Pop into the microwave and there you go. But what if your leftovers are a bit of this, a little tupper of that? Then you do this:

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Huevos Rancheros – the deconstructed version

Huevos Rancheros, ranch eggs. Fried egg on a spicy salsa and refried beans, wrapped in a tortilla

Huevos Rancheros means ranch eggs. I suspect there are more different recipes for this dish than there are ranches in Mexico. In essence it consist of fried eggs on a bed of a spicy tomato, onion and possibly peppers, with or without beans, served on a corn tortilla.

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