Beetroot couscous salad

Beetroot and couscous salad, using up leftovers
Beetroot couscous salad, made with one leftover ingredient: leftover beetroot salad

Leftover food – two equally valid paths

I love a cube of leftover lasagna from the day before. Pop into the microwave and there you go. But what if your leftovers are a bit of this, a little tupper of that? Then you do this:

Beetroot couscous salad (one portion)

Ingredients What was in your fridge/pantry at the time.
Leftover beetroot salad 1/3 cup
Chopped red onion 1 slice
Tomato – one medium small, chopped
Baby spinach leaves – small handful
Feta cheese, crumbled – 2 tablespoons
Couscous – 1/2 cup cooked*
Olive oil
Balsamic vinegar

* I made couscous for this in a mug, quarter cup couscous, quarter cup boiling water, allow to swell, fluff, cool, add to rest of the salad shortly before use, otherwise it will become soggy.


Season and mix.

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