Chunky tomato relish

Tomato relish make with fresh cherry tomatoes.
Chunky tomato relish. When you start with this, you cannot go wrong.

Here is a quick chunky tomato relish. I always use ripe fresh tomatoes to make relish, whole peeled or, in this case, halved cherry. You get a sharpness that just is not in tinned tomatoes, and in this version, you can create layers of texture and taste. I am still a fan of good tinned tomatoes though for something like pizza sauce or bolognaise, because ripe on demand is important.

Tomato relish looking as good as it tastes.
I add the tomato in batches, so some are softer and charred, while others are still firm and fresher.


Tomato – ripe small tomatoes – cherry, roma, whatever – halved. You need the skin to help with the texture. Use about 50% more than you think you will need. Here I used 500g, enough for 8 burger patties.
Sprigs of fresh herbs: thyme, sage, marjoram or a combo. You can used dried, but try for fresh.
Garlic – one or two cloves, roughly chopped.
One fresh chili, seeded and roughly chopped. The heat depends on you.
Glug of balsamic.
Olive oil.
Course salt and black pepper.

Chunky tomato relish on homemade burger.
Tomato relish is great on a burger, grilled fish, bruschetta – adding texture and tart to savory.


Heat a splash of olive oil in a pan, add some salt and pepper. Add enough halved tomatoes cut side down on the salt and pepper to fill the pan, add the garlic, herbs and chili.
Gently fry until the bottoms start to char and the tomatoes shrink a bit, toss to turn and add more tomatoes. Add a splash of balsamic and reduce.
Repeat until all the tomatoes are used. You want to create layers of texture and taste, from soft and charred to firmer and still tart in the same pan.

Decant in a nice bowl or serve straight from the pan to zest up any savory dish.

Midweek cheeseburger with tomato relish. For once I used (good quality) burger rolls, cut and toasted.

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