About this blog

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This is my blog about cooking  for a family of growing boys. My cooking has to meet three requirements: tasty, healthy and lots of it.

I live in Rondebosch, a green suburb of Cape Town. My view is of Devil’s Peak, the pointy bit on the left of the classic view of Table Mountain. I write and do production, mainly in the ad and communication industry. My wife teaches music and all three my sons play a musical instrument. In my spare time I am a full-time cook.

My food philosophy is to keep everything healthy and delicious. This means I make everything from scratch as far as possible, to cut out as many additives and those dreaded e-number ingredients as I can. I do use tinned tomatoes, chickpeas, beans and tuna – that sort of thing.

As a home cook my equipment is pretty basic, a couple of nice knives, double oven and basics like mixers and the like. This means I make pizza in two rectangular oven trays and my chips (french fries) are cut by hand and deep-fried in a pot on the stove.

My chips are not all exactly the same shape, as I don’t discard the rounded edge bits. In my family we need about 1.6kg of potatoes for a meal, excluding the protein. This is simply a reality when feeding active boys.

You can find my recipes in the blog pages. I find inspiration from many sources, but most of my recipes are my own. Where I use someone else’s recipe, I will acknowledge them. The photographs are my own.