Flour tortillas

They are rustic, not perfectly round, gnarly charred bumps and bubbles and utterly delicious.

Homemade flour tortillas are in a different class to the plastic prepacked overpriced ones you can buy at stores. They are soft and pillowy, and they make air pockets which char for texture and taste. It is more work, but everything homemade is. In any case, this is why I resorted to child labour.

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Roasted beef potjie

A hearty meal on a cold evening

Years ago a family friend introduced me to slowly roasted lamb knuckles – a cheap and delicious family meal. Then suddenly this cut became popular and very expensive – to properly enjoy you need a lot of meat. So I am trying the same thing using beef potjie meat.

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Basic bread dough

As long as you have a good dough, you can make any number of breads at home. This is my crusty loaf, made in the humble aluminum casserole dish.

This is my basic white bread dough. I use it to make crispy round loaves, regular loaves, a variety of flat breads, pizza crust and bread rolls. It all depends on what you do after you have made the dough.

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Chicken Stock

Make and freeze delicious chicken stock at home. Easy to make, cheap and very little mess.

Chicken Stock

Chicken stock is a kitchen essential and I have made it very successfully in the past. It’s really easy to make, but decanting my chicken stock was a mission. My kitchen was covered in drops and blotches of sticky stock liquid and I had this huge mass of meat, bone and vegetable residue to dispose of. So I have found a way to make, clarify and freeze my  stock with very little mess. I will describe this at the end of this post.

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Apples in sage butter

Apple slices make a pretty and delicious side dish, especially with pork dishes.

Apple slices fried in sage butter is a prettier take on apple sauce traditionally serves with pork dishes and can stand as a side dish on its own. I find it goes well with roast chicken or even lamb as well. It adds colour, texture and a wonderful buttery bite to any plate.

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